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What A Rescue Transport Looks Like

KRO was contacted about a 5 month old Keeshond whose owner could no longer keep him and asked if we were willing to help. 'Very', was KRO's reply and we sprang into action.

First, a foster home was identified. KRO had a member willing to take on a 5 month old rescue however her home was over 6 hours away. A 'Rescue Transport' plan was developed.

Starting in Eastern Ontario and ending Central Ontario, it was a four stage transport over a six hour period before Soren was finally at his foster home.



Here is a photo of the Stage Two driver waiting by the side of the road for the Stage One driver to arrive:




The arrival of the Stage One transporter with the rescue puppy:


The next leg of the journey begins in Wendy's parking lot just off a major highway. Passing Soren off to the Stage Three driver:


Soren is finally on the last leg, Stage Four:



Soren arrived at his foster home a little bit on the tired side but generally happy and very enthusiastically took a walk with his foster Mom.